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Designed in the heart of the Alps. By mountaineers, for mountaineers.

In August 1880, Sir Fredrick Mummery's daring ascent on Dent du Géant marked climbing history.

Confronting formidable terrain, he left a note declaring 'Absolutely inaccessible by fair means.' These words, symbolizing his commitment to authentic climbing, became a legacy. Mummery’s ethos, rejecting shortcuts, resonates with AlpineStandards, influencing its business conduct. From product development to partnerships, they prioritize integrity, echoing Mummery's spirit. His legacy, emphasising honor in both adventure and commerce, guides their commitment to quality and genuine engagement, illuminating the path for ethical practices in business.

Uncompromising Commitment to Excellence

Rooted in the heart of the Alps, we at AlpineStandards are more than just an outdoor apparel brand; we are a community, forged from an unyielding passion for mountaineering. Our origins, nestled at the foot of Monte Rosa, inspire our mission that goes beyond crafting superior mountaineering and climbing garments and gears. We are about nurturing a fraternity, united in the relentless pursuit of personal greatness and unwavering commitment to excellence.

We are mountaineers with a purpose, fueled by our profound passion for aesthetics and supreme quality. Our focus goes beyond the transient waves of fashion seasons; we step in harmony with our adventurous hearts.

Dedicated to creating lasting gear, we meticulously select materials that endure, emphasizing environmental certifications like Bluesign®, RDS, and OEKO-TEX®. Our partnership with Pertex® incorporates advanced PFA-free fabrics, while our alliances with global suppliers focus on certified Tencel® textiles. We prioritize sustainability, using mulesing-free Merino wool from reputable sources. Every fabric reflects our environmental respect and your performance needs.

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Spanning continents, our manufacturing network is a global tapestry of excellence, rooted in rigorous standards for ethical and environmental practices. From Europe to Asia and North America, every partnership reflects our deep commitment to social responsibility within our supply chain. Fair wages, worker rights, and environmental conscientiousness are non-negotiables, ensuring each product not only meets quality benchmarks but also stands for something greater. We invite you to understand our principles better by exploring our Supplier Code of Conduct. Discover how we're making a difference, one garment at a time.

Suppliers code of conduct

Mountaineering is more than a sport; it's our deep-seated calling and connection to the mountains. Our extensive experiences in climbing and skiing have culminated in a profound Code of Ethics, influencing our journey and brand. We're not just forging a company but creating a lasting legacy, infusing every aspect of our organization with the timeless wisdom and spirit of the Alpine world.