🤝 AlpineStandards Code of Ethics

At AlpineStandards, our ethical principles guide our every endeavour. We prioritise sustainability, well-being, open communication, and a supportive environment. Together, we strive to make a positive impact while upholding the highest feasible standards of integrity and responsibility.

Do no harm, take no shit

It’s okay to stand up for yourself or people you love. It means that it’s okay to have boundaries and standards in your life. It’s okay to say no and it’s absolutely okay to be honest. In doing so, we can be kind, compassionate and graceful, but we do not need to be a door mat. Whether it’s a professional or romantic relationship, a disagreement with a friend, a big decision weighing on your shoulders or something completely different, remember these words. Remember that having standards only scares away those who are not willing to respect you. Do no harm, be kind, have compassion and be authentic, take responsibility for our actions, and leaving minimal trace of our presence, but also take no bullshit.

Work smarter, party hard, climb harder

Consider your body a temple, but don't forget the amusement park. That's our philosophy. AlpineStandards thrives on work that's smart, parties that are epic, and climbs that redefine (personal) limits. We're not just about ticking off tasks; we're about nurturing your well-being, finding that sweet spot between the grind and the groove. We champion self-care, promote play, and know that success isn't about sacrificing personal joy. Friends, family, and furballs are as important as the hustle. We're all about living free, moving fast, and finding bliss in the mountains.

No Room for Exploitation

We stand by the principle of never taking advantage of a colleague. In both work and life, we strive to support one another, helping each other reach the finish line. And when we find ourselves in need, we don’t hesitate to ask for help. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, built on the open conversation, confrontation and disagreements. We believe that embracing individuals and individuality from different backgrounds and perspectives enriches our organisation and promotes equality and growth for all.

Leave no the right trace

"Leave no trace" sounds like vanishing, and we're here for the long haul. We're deeply rooted in this planet, and our stance is simple: leave a positive mark. It's not just about erasing tracks; it's about making them count. Our commitment lies in minimizing our ecological impact, championing sustainable practices, and fostering or endorsing virtuous circular initiatives.

This meaningful journey can only be embarked upon by cultivating a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and growth. We invest in our team's growth, tapping into their potential, so they don't just stay; they soar. Through this, we're building more than a brand; we're crafting a legacy that's earth-friendly and people-powered.

Yodel are welcome

Communication's not just a word; it's our anthem. Your voice matters here, whether you're at the top of the chain or the bottom. Got something to say? Say it loud. Our ears are tuned, no matter where you sit.

These aren't just principles; they're the lifeblood of AlpineStandards. They shape every decision, every action, and every sunrise we climb toward. Our promise is to keep these values sacred, to nurture an environment where ethics, well-being, inclusivity, and environmental consciousness thrive in harmony.