Designed in the heart of the Alps. By mountaineers, for mountaineers.

Long story short

AlpineStandards is an independent mountaineering clothing and equipment brand located in Val d'Ayas, nestled at the base of Monte Rosa in Italy. Our core mission is to craft meticulously designed garments and tools that embody a progressive aesthetic, paying homage to the reckless, restless and adventurous spirit that ignited the discipline of alpinism over two centuries ago.


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Romantic as it may sound to envision the genesis of AlpineStandards amidst a perilous ascent of some illustrious Alpine peak, the truth is far more grounded. It all began around a table, pints in hand, nestled within the snug confines of a mountain hut. Despite the passing of years, our connection to the Alps runs deep, with over three decades of climbing, hiking, and skiing etched into our souls. The realization dawned that we'd grown weary of mundane, uninspiring designs that turned us into replicas of alpine Power Rangers.

After three decades of conquering the Alps, scaling towering peaks, navigating treacherous trails, and descending unbeaten slopes with a 9-to-5 grind, we knew it was time to roll up our sleeves and create something from the ground up.

Gone are the days of garish colors that transformed us into neon-clad figures. We've embarked on a mission to usher in a new era of style that's both fierce and functional. Picture sleek, edgy designs that boldly stand amidst nature's grandeur.

AlpineStandards doesn't tread the path of trend-followers or bow to the whims of fashion. We're rebels with a purpose, driven by our profound love for aesthetics and top-tier quality. Our gaze extends beyond the fleeting cycles of fashion seasons; we march to the rhythm of our adventurous hearts.

We are mountaineers with a purpose, fueled by our profound passion for aesthetics and supreme quality. Our focus goes beyond the transient waves of fashion seasons; we step in harmony with our adventurous hearts.

Our products don't merely spring from inspiration; they're forged from the raw essence of exploration, expeditions, and the adventures we crave. We craft gear that aligns with the personal "agendas" we set—challenges that push us to the limits and broaden our horizons.

While we relish defying conventions, we stand firm on fundamental principles. Our garments stand as unwavering guardians against the fiercest tantrums that Mother Nature throws our way. Whether battling raging storms or enduring bone-chilling cold, we've got your back.

Yet, functionality alone doesn't suffice. We comprehend the demands of high-intensity activities. We firmly believe that you shouldn't need to trade comfort for performance. Our gear is painstakingly engineered to keep you moving, free from discomfort, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill of your chosen pursuit.

AlpineStandards strides to the beat of its own rebellious tune. Trends don't sway us, seasons don't dictate our course; we blaze our trail. Our focus centers on crafting garments that weave together aesthetic allure, top-tier quality, weather resilience, and the liberty to conquer any adventure that beckons.

We weave premium materials with an unapologetic attitude, infusing our gear with the spirit of rebellion.

Something about the founders

In the realm of AlpineStandards, two individuals stand at the helm, each bringing a unique blend of experiences and an unwavering passion for adventure. Meet the visionaries behind the brand: Matteo Mendiola and Matteo Upinot.

Matteo Mendiola, our indomitable force, hails from a melting pot of cultures. Born of Italo-American-Mexican heritage, his journey into the world of climbing commenced at a tender age of 13. While his initial foray might have been marked by questionable performance, it was ignited by an unrelenting fervor for scaling walls and conquering Alpine peaks. The Alps became his playground, and the mountains his eternal muse.

On the other hand, we have Matteo Upinot, a prodigious skier since his toddler days, gliding through snow with an innate grace. His connection with the mountains is deeply rooted in his veins, making him a true alpinist at heart. Certified as an AlpineGuide, Matteo carries the weight of his past bouldering endeavors with an iconic flair.

Together, these two Matteos bring a dynamic blend of climbing resilience, skiing finesse, and a shared commitment to AlpineStandards' unwavering ethos. Their journeys have been marked by ups and downs, achievements, and the pursuit of excellence. It's this indomitable spirit that fuels the AlpineStandards brand, driving it towards innovation, style, and adventure.

Matteo Mendiola

Matteo Upinot