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Lillaz Belay Parka

Discover the Lillaz Belay Parka: Born in Val d'Ayas and rigorously tested by elite UIAGM/IFMGA guides. Engineered with a robust Pertex® shell and dual Primaloft® layers for unmatched warmth.

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Alpine Chronicles: Tales from the Peaks

Immerse yourself in gripping tales of fearless climbers, discover the innovations shaping the climbing world, delve into the annals of alpinism's past, and stay updated on our brand's journey towards a sustainable future. Join us on this epic ascent of knowledge and inspiration.

Essential garments for outdoor climbing | Alpinestandards

The clothing you wear is extremely important for comfort, flexibility, and overall performance. In this article, we'll delve into the essential upper body garments necessary for outdoor climbing.

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The Birth Of Trad Climbing

In the world of rock climbing - and outdoor sports in general - few disciplines captured the essence of adventure and self-reliance like traditional climbing, often referred to as "trad...

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Celebrating Our Latest Achievement: Joining "1% for the Planet" Foundation!

AlpineStandards has reached a significant milestone on our journey towards becoming a more responsible and accountable company. We are now proud members of the esteemed foundation 1% for the Plane

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AlpineStandards TechTee On Mont Blanc

Designed in the heart of the Alp

By Mountaineers, For Mountaineers

AlpineStandards is an indipendet mountaineering clothing and equipment brand based in Val d'Ayas, at the footsteps of Monte Rosa, in Italy.