🪡 AlpineStandards Supplier Code of Conduit

The AlpineStandards Supplier Code of Conduct serves as our guiding principles for our supply chain partners. As an integral part of the AlpineStandards supply chain, suppliers are required to adhere to these expectations, establishing a foundation for our business collaboration.
We recognise that our Code often surpasses local regulations, only to ensure higher standards. These principles encompass all our contract and licensee manufacturers, along with their material and trim suppliers, and subcontractors. As a commitment to transparency and accountability, our partners are expected to comply with assessments and information requests from AlpineStandards or authorised third parties. In the event of non-compliance, we encourage suppliers to proactively address the root causes, implement corrective actions, and establish robust management systems for sustained compliance and continual progress. We actively seek suppliers who embody responsible leadership in our global supply chain, surpassing these fundamental standards.


Social Responsibility

Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations: At AlpineStandards, we emphasize strict adherence to employment rules and regulations that uphold workers’ rights as stipulated in local, state, provincial, national, and international labor laws. In case of any conflict between the law and our Code, the highest standard favoring employee welfare shall prevail.

Health and Safety

We require suppliers to establish a secure, healthy, and hygienic work environment, implementing comprehensive systems, policies, and training programs to prevent workplace accidents and injuries while safeguarding the well-being of workers. When providing residential housing, suppliers must ensure its safety and hygiene standards.

Child Labor

AlpineStandards strictly prohibits the employment of individuals below the age of 16 or below the age required for completing compulsory education in the manufacturing country, whichever is higher. Juvenile workers (ages 16-17) must receive the same protections as adult workers, including restricted working hours and exclusion from hazardous tasks. Suppliers must maintain official documentation to verify the age of each worker.

Forced Labor

AlpineStandards strictly prohibits the use of forced, prison, indentured, slave, or bonded labor. Suppliers must actively monitor internal practices and labor recruitment agencies to ensure employees are not subjected to coercion, deception, intimidation, or punishment. Suppliers are responsible for covering any employment eligibility fees for migrant workers, including recruitment costs. Work must be voluntary, allowing workers the freedom to terminate employment without penalty. Suppliers are expected to implement policies and procedures that effectively prevent human trafficking in the AlpineStandards supply chain.

Harassment, Abuse, and Discipline

We are committed to treating employees with utmost respect and dignity. Any form of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse is strictly prohibited. Suppliers must clearly define and communicate disciplinary policies and procedures to all workers in a language they understand. Deductions from wages or monetary fines as disciplinary measures are not permissible, except when authorized by law and with fully informed written consent from workers.


AlpineStandards upholds a non-discriminatory approach in all aspects of employment. Hiring, payment, promotions, and terminations should be based on individuals’ ability to perform the job, not on personal characteristics or beliefs such as age, gender, religion, race, marital status, disability, pregnancy, union membership, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, social or ethnic origin, migrant status, or any other protected status as defined by the country’s laws.

Working Hours

AlpineStandards expects suppliers to adhere to legal working hour limits set by the country of manufacture. The regular work week should not exceed 48 hours, with at least 24 consecutive hours of rest within every seven-day period. Overtime work must be voluntary and should not exceed 3 hours per day or a total of 60 hours per week. Accurate record-keeping of work hours is essential, and work should be completed during regular business hours on the premises.

Wages and Benefits

Suppliers must ensure fair compensation for all work performed, meeting or surpassing minimum wage requirements or prevailing industry standards if there is no minimum wage. Legal wage regulations and any mandated fringe benefits must be fully met. Employees should receive compensation for overtime hours as per country regulations. Wages should be paid promptly, directly to workers, and in accordance with country laws without any delays or withholdings. Clear and comprehensive written information in a language understood by workers must be provided for each pay cycle, detailing hours worked, pay rates, and lawful deductions.

General Matters

Code Implementation

Suppliers entering into a partnership with AlpineStandards must wholeheartedly embrace and implement this Code of Conduct. These standards apply not only to their own facilities but also extend to subcontractors. Suppliers are required to prominently display this Code of Conduct in accessible areas, using both the local language and the language applicable to migrant workers constituting over 10% of the workforce. Annual communication and training sessions shall be conducted with all workers, emphasizing the principles outlined in this Code. Compliance with these standards shall be monitored through internal assessments or independent third-party evaluations.



Every supplier must meticulously trace and monitor all levels of their supply chain, providing transparent information about owned and/or outsourced farms, mills, smelters, and other relevant facilities involved in our product’s production upon request. This includes suppliers of chemicals, trim, and raw materials. AlpineStandards reserves the right to access this information when needed.


Record Keeping

Suppliers are responsible for maintaining accurate and transparent records pertaining to each element of this Code of Conduct to facilitate compliance verification.



If any supplier is found to be in violation of these codes, we encourage you to promptly bring such concerns to our attention. Please reach out to your designated development contact at AlpineStandards via email. Rest assured, all information received will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and your identity will be safeguarded.