Our AlpineStandards Promise is crafted to provide you with the most extended and fulfilling experience from your jacket, sleeping bag, or backpack. As the initial buyer, should your product encounter a manufacturing flaw during its lifespan, we are committed to rectifying the issue under Italian warranty law. If the problem isn't covered by the warranty, fear not. You still benefit from the dedicated guidance of our in-house Service Centre.

What does this mean for you?

Our promise guarantees that if your product ever suffers from a manufacturing defect, we will either repair or replace the item at our discretion. Simply file a Service Centre Request, and our team will provide a solution.

For the AlpineStandards Promise to be valid, all we ask is your proof of purchase. This could be a receipt, bank statement, or order confirmation indicating the retailer, date, and amount.

By registering your product, you can effortlessly keep track of all your purchase details.

What if I'm not the initial buyer or my item is accidentally damaged?

While we don't operate a dedicated repair center, our strong AlpineStandards community can guide you to the best local specialists near you to get your gear fixed. We recognize the importance of your AlpineStandards gear and aim to ensure it remains functional and ready for more adventures.

Wash - Down is an exceptional insulator we all adore. Its insulating capabilities depend on its distribution and lofting potential. Cleaning a down garment can be intricate, which is why we recommend reaching out to our community for guidance on the best local services to ensure that your down gear is clean, uniformly filled, and fully lofted, prepping you for your next climb.

Spare Parts - AlpineStandards replacement parts are made to rejuvenate your gear. Refresh your beloved item with original components, or stock up on essential parts for a journey. If the spare you need isn't listed, reach out to us for assistance.

Need more information or guidance? Submit a request, and we'll leverage our community to help.